7 Making the digit flashing

LED 7 Segment display

 led numeric display >> THREE DIGITS

Total 30 kinds products

PIC: Product: P/N: SIZE PDF
0.80 inch BL-T80A-31,BL-T80B-31 59.20*27.50mm
0.56 inch BL-T56M-31,BL-T56M-31 37.80*19.00mm
BL-T56K-31,BL-T56K-31 37.80*19.00mm
BL-T56I-31,BL-T56J-31 37.80*19.00mm
BL-T56G-31,BL-T56H-31 37.80*19.00mm
BL-T56E-31,BL-T56F-31 37.80*19.00mm
BL-T56C-31,BL-T56D-31 37.80*19.00mm
BL-T56A-33,BL-T56B-33 37.80*19.00mm
BL-T56A-31,BL-T56B-31 37.80*19.00mm
0.52 inch BL-T52G-31,BL-T52H-31 37.80*17.50mm
BL-T52E-31,BL-T52F-31 37.80*17.50mm
BL-T52C-31,BL-T52D-31 37.80*17.50mm
BL-T52A-31,BL-T52B-31 37.80*17.50mm
0.50 inch BL-T50C-31,BL-T50D-31 25*19mm
BL-T50A-31,BL-T50B-31 25*19mm
0.48 inch BL-T48A-31,BL-T48B-31 24.9*18.9mm
0.40 inch BL-T40K-31,BL-T40K-31 30.10*16.00mm
BL-T40I-31,BL-T40J-31 30.10*16.00mm
BL-T40G-31,BL-T40H-31 30.10*16.00mm
BL-T40E-31,BL-T40F-31 30.10*16.00mm
BL-T40C-31,BL-T40D-31 30.10*16.00mm
BL-T40A-32,BL-T40B-32 20.10*16.00mm
BL-T40A-31,BL-T40B-31 30.10*16.00mm
0.39 inch BL-T39A-31,BL-T39B-31 20.1*16mm
0.36 inch BL-T36A-31,BL-T36B-31 22.50*14.00mm
0.31 inch BL-T31A-32,BL-T31B-32 21*11mm
BL-T31A-31,BL-T31B-31 23.5*11mm
0.30 inch BL-T30A-31,BL-T30B-31 22.00*14.00mm
0.28 inch BL-T28A-31,BL-T28B-31 24.00*10.00mm
0.25 inch BL-T25A-31,BL-T25B-31 15*8mm

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